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  • Accomplished Contract\Permanent .Net Programmer\Analyst, SQL Server Developer and Reports.
  • Object-oriented programming with experience in the System Development Life Cycle process including gathering requirements, data analysis, data mining, flow chart creation, design, coding, documentation, estimates, automation, data validation, reporting, testing and maintenance using n-tier architectures.
  • Possesses the ability to multitask between projects over local and wide area networks and developing front and back end operations.
  • Expert in troubleshooting, strong creative problem solving and concepts for improvement\enhancement suggestions to maintain applications and increase\maintain efficiencies.
  • Provides superior customer support with a sense of urgency and purpose using oral and written communication involving assistance, advice and follow through with technical and non-technical personnel.
  • Innovative thinker, self-motivated, always keeping abreast of industry trends and standards with the desire to continually expand skill sets and continuous process improvements.
  • Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment or working independently.


  • C#, VB.NET, SQL Server, T-SQL, ASP.NET, HTML, HTML5, CSS, MVC Programming Model, Razor markup.

  • LINQ to SQL, ETL, SSIS, SSRS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Visio, Word, Excel.

  • ASP Classic, VBScript, VBA, VSS, MySQL.

  • WinSQL, TOAD, IIS, Report Designer, Crystal Reports.


Johnson Controls. Largo, FL 2/18 – Present
  • Plant Sr. Engineer/Technologist. Planning and development of applications using VB.Net 2015\2017 Winforms and SQL Server 2008 R2 with some database administration including SSIS, using Crystal Reports and Report Builder to create reports including graphs as well as automated Excel spreadsheets.
  • Creating new applications based on user specifications and maintaining present programs with thorough testing. Creating and maintaining SQL tables (with normalization), stored procedures, functions and views on linked servers and Importing\Exporting data. Applications perform inserts, updates and deletions.
  • Converted an Access database to SQL Server and rewrote the code to VB.Net. Using iText 7 Core with VB.Net to parse PDF files.
  • Providing documentation of application processes.

United Natural Foods, Inc\Earth Origins Markets. Palm Harbor, FL 8/16 – 5/17
  • Application Specialist\Software Developer. Planning and development of automated processes in C# 4.5 using Visual Studio 2017 and SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2017. Some database administration, IT support for onsite and multiple remote locations.
  • Developing automated Weekly\Monthly Fiscal Shrink Reports formatted on Excel tabs through C# and stored procedures.
  • Creating C# application to enable users the ability to Insert\Update\Delete SQL Server data on all remote databases instead of remotely connecting to them individually.

Commercial Risk Management, Inc. Tampa, FL 9/13 – 8/14
  • Contract Software Engineer.   Cloud based development environment working with VB.Net, SQL Server 2012 creating Front\Back End application using CRUD operations, Winforms, Entity Framework, LINQ to SQL, XML and Agile\Scrum Methodologies.
  • Using Report Designer (SSRS) and stored procedures to create reports. Source code managed through Team Foundation Source Control.
  • Reading text files and inserting\updating into SQL Server through SSIS and also creating different types of delimited export flat files and CSV files.

Zeppelin Systems – USA, Odessa, FL 1/13 – 4-13
  • Systems Software Engineer.   Programming with Visual Basic 6, C# and VB.Net Framework 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 with SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2012 to customize, upgrade and maintain the automated Production Information System Management Applications (PRISMA) system.
  • Using SMO to build customized database backup and restore application.
  • Copying and shaping data from legacy system to updated databases and tables.
  • Developing and configuring supervisory control and data acquisition/human machine interface software for animated process equipment graphics and alarms through OPC PLC communications using Rockwell automation.
  • Testing is done using Virtual Machines.

HealthPlan Services Tampa, FL 12/06 - 12/12
  • Programmer/Analyst III. Programmed and maintained Document Fulfillment application to create automated Word document composition for major U.S. Health Insurance carriers by providing the ability for application to be table driven to lessen the necessity of constant exe creation and deployment.
  • Created tables, indices, triggers, views, UDFs, SQL stored procedures and query optimization using WinSQL, Toad, Query Analyzer, data analysis, and combining ODBC, ADO and API with Visual Basic.
  • Enhanced application used to import text files by adding filters to prevent text files with bad data from entering system and data cleansing.
  • Word applications use Bookmarks and Document Fields in conjunction with V.B., VBScript, VBA and macros to determine what sections of documents are included/not included and values of fields for mail merging.
  • Debugging all V.B. applications on a regular basis and constantly creating ad hoc documents and reports by writing VB code with T-SQL and Excel, Word and Outlook macros.
  • Generating critically needed Certificates in an Agile environment and exceed expectations while accomplishing Fast Track distinction.
  • All code is saved in Visual SourceSafe.
  • Developed DLLs to determine which server to connect to and also access a DB2 environment and retrieve and store claims addresses and other pertinent information.
  • DB2 queries are maintained in txt files to enable accessible editing without having to recompile VB code. Built ActiveX control for several applications to load combo boxes from recordset for users to choose restructured DB2 environments.
  • Managed team of three inManaged team of three individuals and mentored new programmers providing training covering detailed business and technical processes using several platforms while maintaining HIPAA Compliance.
  • Programming with C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, MVC, Razor, Bootstrap, JQuery.
  • Personal Website is being upgraded using ASP.Net, C#, MVC, Razor, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery with a RESTful URL design.
  • Site accesses a SQL Server database then dynamically creates a Bootstrap menu and renders it to the Layout through an Entity Data Model.
  • Web pages are created and tested on home computer then published to web host.
  • Writing code to keep track of different types of NFL football pools and results.
  •     Automated Business Documents
  • Developing reliable, cost effective Document Fulfillment application to produce Word documents using C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, ADO.Net and SQL Server.
  • Database design, created tables, indices, and stored procedures using SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Documents can be converted to pdf files.
  • Algorithms dynamically compose automated, time sensitive and large scale Word documents using data driven logic and reusable code to produce consistent and reliable flow while minimizing updating and maintenance.
  • Programs work synchronously using a DLL with sharable code that returns DataTables, Hashtables, SQLDataReaders and boolean values resulting from XML input files or Dynasets.
  • Product functionality will enable users with basic to intermediate knowledge of Word features to efficiently create master documents and edit current documents for Fulfillment process
  • Data Modeling such as flowcharts, Entity Relationship Diagrams and applying relational database management systems (RDBMS) to enforce referential integrity.
  • Using Visio and iteratively updating these as well as database and code to empathetically incorporate more advanced methods and ingenuity on a consistent basis.
  • Using SSIS to backup database and copy tables to Excel.


Continuing to learn Microsoft technologies taught by Bob Tabor. Current classes include C#, MVC & ASP.Net

Hillsborough Community College Tampa, FL
Continued education in VB.Net, C#, ASP.Net, HTML, Java and Networking

University of Tampa Tampa, FL
B.S. Degree in Computer Information Systems

Monroe Community College, NY
A.A. Degree in General Studies

IEEE Computer Society

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I am a highly motivated, easy going person who is eager to learn, and always looking for ways to make processes more efficient. I am a team player with the desire to broaden my horizons as I grow with the company. I took C#, VB.Net and ASP.Net classes before using them professionally in order to improve and update my skills and incorporated C#, ASP.Net, MVC, Bootstrap, Razor, Javascript and JQuery into my personal website at

I have over ten years experience with SQL writing stored procedures to select, update, delete data, and alter tables. I have written stored procedures to retrieve data for reports using Word, Excel and Report Designer (SSRS) as well as SSIS. I have experience creating UDFs as well as triggers and views. I have also trained in optimizing stored procedures using the Execution Plan.